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Andrew Durniat is a C.S.C.S and the owner of Optimal Performance Training. He is a Master Trainer for world champion Valery Federenko’s AKC certification course, an international kettlebell competitor and current American record holder for the single arm snatch (147 reps, 32kg). He is also certified on the IronMind Captains of Crush #3 – an internationally recognized measure of grip strength and competes regularly in grip events throughout the USA.

Andrew has also served as an assistant lacrosse coach at the College of Wooster and was an All-American Defenseman in lacrosse at Ohio Wesleyan University. His training has led him to be able to perform many famous feats of strength and compete in several ultra-endurance events He has taken the best attributes from the different modalities of power lifting, Olympic weight lifting, and kettlebells, distilled from his own training, and combined them into effective training programs for any serious athlete looking to improve their performance. In addition to training athletes he has much to offer the professional trainer. His arsenal of training techniques can show them many ways to add to their own programs and thus make tremendous gains.

Kettlebells are a relatively recent addition to the trainer’s toolbox. Not only are athletes confused about how to effectively use kettlebells, they are even more confused about how to add kettlebell training to their programs. Not everyone wants to do ’kettlebell-only’ workouts and most athletes will benefit from a variety of training modalities. Andrew effectively combines the best of the kettlebell training techniques with the more traditional techniques of weight training and conditioning.

Andrew is not only a high level strength coach but a high level athlete. He is a former all American Lacrosse player and regularly competes in kettlebell sport and strongman competitions. While kettlebell sport and strongman require very different training, Andrew successfully combines the two and excels at both.


Kettlebell Competitions

2009 Ventspils, Latvia – 7th place

Absolute2009 Arnold Classic – 1st Place

Absolute and Co-efficient2008 IKFF/NAKF Nationals – 1st Place

Absolute and Co-Efficient2008 World Long-Cycle Championships, Hamburg, Germany – 8th place

2007 World Championships, Miami, Florida

2006 World Championships, Olga, Latvia

Grip Competitions

2009 US National – 1st place

2008 US Nationals – 3rd place

2008 IronMind Certified Captains of Crush #3

Strongman Competitions

2008 Powerfest – 1st Place Open Class

2008 Western New York – 3rd Place Lightweight

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