Big K's Hall of Fame

Our Meets have been successful, these past 30 years (22 years sanctioned), because of the COMMITMENT and SACRIFICE of our countless Lifters, Officials, Staff and many, many volunteers.  

It is our intention to recognize those individuals with an induction

into our Hall of Fame.  

Congratulations to all our inductees.

Class of 2020 Announced


Class of 2015

Glenn W. Kanaga Sr.  -  Our Founder (Gary's Father)

Pastor Brad Olson  -  Lfiter

Dean Ochi  -  Lifter/Coach

Tim Harbison  -  Lifter

Helen Daher  -  Lifter

Bob "Mr. Deadlift" Eucker  -  Lifter

Phil Drenek  -  Lifter

Ralph Young  -  Lifter

Class of 2012

Dave Ricks  -  Powerlifter/Official

Jeremy Auerbach  -  Powerlifter

Joe Smith  -  Bench

Lois Hummer  -  Powerlifter (87 Years Old)

Greg Page  -  Powerlifter/Official

Class of 2007

Justin Caputo  -  Powerlifter

Steve Petrencak  -  Bench

Joe Fyda  -  Powerlifter/Official

John Lanzi  -  Co-Meet Director

Michael Landino  -  Bench

Class of 2002

Peter E. Lanzi  -  Powerlifter

Kevin Mayer  -  Bench

Larry Miller  -  Bench/Official

Ed King  -  Official

Frank King  -  Official

Brooke Wessler  -  Powerlifter

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe,


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