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Akron, Ohio

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I have been working out seriously since 2014.  I started working out as an overweight, 296 lbs, 24-year-old, over-the-road truck driver.  I initially lost 60 pounds after eliminating fast food from my diet and running/walking at least 1 mile a day at a trail by my house. Later that year, I joined a Gold’s Gym, changed my goals, and got into some gym bro bodybuilding for a bit.  I added some muscle and started taking working out a lot more serious. Within a year’s time, I lost a total of 117 lbs.

In January 2017, I got into powerlifting.  A coworker of mine had competed in the Gary Kanaga's Ohio Cup and did well.  I thought this was something I could do, so I signed up for THE BATTLE XI in April 2017 in the push/pull division.  I competed at 198, benching 335 and deadlifting 535.  With my little experience, I injured myself multiple times which limited me from competing more.

In May 2017, I became a certified personal trainer while working at Gold’s Gym.  This made me want to invest more time in fitness and working out to build strength.  In September 2018, I got married.  After taking a year or so off to make sure I could compete, I signed up for The Ohio Cup in 2018.  A week before the competition, I had my first baby boy.  I competed in the 220 weight class at 203 lbs.  I squatted 435, benched 390, and deadlifted 595.  I took 3rd place.  I also had a female client of mine who competed and took 2nd in her division.

Eric Eskridge

I would say to someone just getting into powerlifting to just have fun. It’s not a job, but if you want to get

stronger, stay consistent and be smart about your training, you don’t have to hit a PR everyday.

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe,


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