Jared Neal







26 Years Old

Lives in Hubbard, Ohio

Raw Lifter

Jared began lifting at 15 years old.  He started started training with a high school classmate and great friend Chris Mosley who got him started in

powerlifting.  They have been training partners for over 12 years now.  Jared credits Chris with making him the lifter he is today.  Now 11 years later he is

putting up some BIG numbers in the 308 lb. class, especially in the squat and deadlift.  Jared has won several tournaments in his young career

and has walked away with Best Lifter Accolades in several events including our 2016 Big K's Ohio Cup Championships this past November.  

His intensity when competing on the platform has made him an instant fan favorite.

Jared also would like to thank his parents for always supporting him through everything he has done in his life.  He is very thankful they put up with him 

through the good, bad and ugly and didn't disown him.

His biggest support comes from his girlfriend Emily.  "She totally understands all the time and demands that powerlifting places on me and does 

nothing but supports me and this sport 110%"

When Jared isn't lifting he enjoys hunting and fishing.  He is also a VERY ACCOMPLISHED archer, winning 6 World Championships.

He loves collecting tattoos.  Eating and Drinking with Emily and his friends is his favorite past time.

TRAINING ADVICE - "There is no secret.  Any method will work, the only magic ingredient is time under the bar.

The only way to get stronger is consistent effort over a long period of time.  STOP LOOKING for magic fixes and just lift."

He would also like to thank Gary Kanaga and Marisa Habarka for running outstanding meets and giving him this honor.








2008 - WNPF 275 lb. Champion

2009 - WNPF 275 lb. Champion & Best Lifter Deadlift

2012 Intense Fitness Push/Pull Champion & Best Lifter Deadlift

2015 - Lexen Extreme 308 lb. Champion & Best Lifter (1835 Total)

2015 - Big K's Ohio Cup 308 lb. Champion & Best Lifter

BEST LIFTS AT 308 LBS. (Meet - Gym)

690 - SQUAT - 735

440 - BENCH - 465

744 - DEADLIFT - 755

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe,


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