Natalie "NATTY" Freed (Yeager)







31 years old

Powell, Ohio

Raw/Single Ply



















2006 - WABDL United We Stand Bend Press & Dead Lift, 1st Place & Best Lifter (raw)

2007 - WABDL NY-PA-OH Regional Bench Press & Dead Lift 1st Place & Best Lifter (raw)

2007 - WABDL United We Stand Bend Press & Dead Lift, 1st Place & Best Bench Press (single ply/raw)

2007 - WABDL World Championships, 1st Place & Best Jr Bench Press (single ply)

2008 - USPF Pro Performance Powerlifting Championships, 1st Place & Best Lifter (single ply)

2008 - Works Fitness/American Record Breakers, 1st Place & Best Lifter (raw)

2009 - 2nd Annual Raw Unity Meet, 3rd Place Overall (raw)

2009 - USAPL Battle of the Great Lakes, 1st Place & Best Lifter (single ply)

2009 - USAPL Raw Nationals, 1st Place Jr & 2nd Place Open (raw)

2010 - USAPL Arnold Sports Festival Raw Challenge, 3rd Place & 5th Place Overall (raw)

2010 - Night of the Living Dead Deadlift Competition, 1st Place, Best Overall Lifter

2011 - USAPL Arnold Sports Festival Raw Challenge, 2nd Place & 3rd Place Overall (raw)

2017 - Battle of the Great Lakes, 1st Place (raw)


BEST LIFTS (Raw - Single Ply)

Raw - 209.4 squat, 165.3 bench, 314.2 deadlift, 677.9 total

Single ply - 300 squat, 203 bench, 352.7 deadlift, 777 total


Over her lifting career, Natalie has set 4 world, 10 national, and 26 state records between Pennsylvania and Ohio.


Natalie started powerlifting after 17 months of recovery from a car accident that fractured her back & neck.  She competed in her first meet 7 months later in 2006, setting a WABDL world record in deadlift.  She's lifted all over the country, from WABDL World Championships in Anaheim, CA to the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.


Natalie has competed raw and single ply in the 105, 114, and 123 lb weights classes and in the WABDL, USPF, USAPL, and USPA federations.  Her favorite lift is the deadlift, and she's lifted over 3X body weight in competition twice so far.  While living in Texas Natalie took a break from competing, but started back in 2017 after 6 years away - she's glad to be back!


In the real world, Natalie works at the Humane Society of Delaware County as the Canine Intake & Behavior Coordinator.  She volunteers with the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, OH and K-9 Angels Rescue in Houston, TX.  When she gets back to Houston, she heads straight for the Harris County VPH shelter! If there's any free time left, Natalie enjoys reading, studying nutrition, and spending time with her husband and two rescue dogs.


TRAINING ADVISETo young lifters, make sure you pay the most attention to learning good form first!  Don't worry about what other people think of you, or how someone else might be lifting more.  Think of the long run and build a solid training base.  You do you! And don't underestimate the importance of good nutrition.


Natalie would like to thank her friends and family who support her, especially her husband (and training partner/coach) Brian.  Thanks to Gary and Marisa for a great first meet back, and for the honor of highlighting her as a lifter!  Also, MetroFitness Worthington and Core Health Chiropractic for helping get her back in lifting shape.

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe,


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