Harrison Stickelman







24 Years Old

Ontario, Ohio

Raw / Classic Raw

















2017 uspa battle of the great lakes best lifter
2017 stars cars and prs deadlift comp 1st place heavyweight
2017 uspa nationals 100kg classic raw 2nd place
2017 uspa live large mid summer classic 100kg classic raw 1st and best lifter



BEST LIFTS (Raw - Single Ply)

100kg Ohio state record raw squat 661

100kg Ohio state record classic raw squat 677

100kg Ohio state record classic raw bench 430

100kg Ohio state record classic raw deadlift 683

100kg Ohio state record classic raw total 1790


I started powerlifting when I was in high school but got away from it and started to pursue competitive
bodybuilding.  I spent from 2013 to the end of 2016 competing in the NPC where I became a national
level middle weight.  I started training exclusively as a powerlifter again January 1st 2017 with the goal
of spending the next year dedicated to powerlifting.  I have competed in the raw and classic raw
category at 100 kg. weight class setting 6 Ohio State Records so far 5 being in the classic raw category.


Outside of powerlifting, I own and manage a gym in Ontario, Ohio called Fleets Fitness Center that I
took over ownership in December of 2016.  Fleets is a bodybuilding and powerlifting style gym that's
open 24/7.  In what little free time I get from work and training I enjoy shooting and working on the
family farm and properties.

My 3 main tips are be consistent weather its with food or training don't skip workouts or meals you
have to get in to a routine to see what is working and what isn't.  Second be smart have a reason for why
you are doing what you are doing everything you do should have a purpose.  And finally never stop
learning and asking questions the more you know the more you have the ability to grow as a lifter.
Feel free to reach out to me on facebook and instagram and ask questions about training.

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe,


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