Craig Terry



My Friend You Will Be Greatly Missed!!!

Craig Wallace Terry was born on September 11,1964 in Detroit, Michigan, to Rudy and Kathie Terry. Both of whom preceded him in death. He was

the oldest child of three and as a respected big brother, Craig was committed to investing in the lives of his younger siblings, Todd and Sheila.

Craig attended Greenfield Peace Lutheran Elementary School and graduated from Lutheran West High School "Class of 1982". After graduation,

Craig continued to pursue his education at Marygrove College in Detroit,MI. In May 1986, he graduated magna cum laude, receiving his Bachelor of

Arts with a double major of English and Psychology. Soon after, Craig found employment as a Mental Health Worker at the Aurora Corporation, Young

Adults Division while continuing his college career. On June 20th, 1991, he received a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Detroit and on

May 13th, 1995, Craig earned a degree of Specialist in the School of Psychology from the University of Detroit-Mercy.

In November of 1995, Craig was hired as a Psychologist by the Detroit Public Schools (DPS). Committed to the successful learning for all children,

Craig utilized research-driven prevention and intervention strategies to nurture child development by applying sound psychological principles to instruction,

learning and socio-emotional development. At the time of his passing, Craig continued to serve the DPS in this capacity and mentor Metro Detroit area


Craig pursued a number of interests throughout his life. He played various sports and participated in several athletic leagues most notably basketball.

Craig excelled in Martial Arts focusing on the Judo discipline. He also had a longstanding Amateur and Professional Powerlifting career, which he won

many competitions, trophies and awards. In addition to several state, national and international titles and records, Craig currently holds an International

Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Record.

Craig always loved Comedy, Music and Drawing since he was a child. Several of Craig's cartoon drawings were successfully published. In recent

years, Craig developed a board game based on his favorite sitcom "Sanford and Son" and obtained the patents for his creation. One of his favorite past

times, was the love of his life, Millicent. They shared common interests, including powerlifting, attending music festivals and art fairs. They shared

an extraordinary interest in costume reproduction and along with Millicent's son Marcus, attending the Metro Detroit Annual local Comicon Comic Book


Craig was an enjoyable person and anyone who has come in contact with him, has "Craig stories". His presence brought plenty of laughter and he always

provided a good opportunity to debate and discuss numerous subjects. Craig really was a child at heart, always putting his attention and focus on

the children in his life. He listened and supported their interests and gave encouragement to their individual creativity. He made sure he attended his

nephews' sporting events and had many phone conversations with them about what was going on in their daily lives. He adored his niece Reyna and loved

making her laugh.

He leaves to cherish his memory: Fiancee, Millicent Sherman and her son Marcus Owens; Brother, Todd (Yvette) Terry: Sister, Sheila (John) Bogins; Niece,

Reyna Bogins; Nephews, Michael Sanders, Tyler Terry and Tavis Terry.

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe,


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