Joe Smith



Joe is 33 years old and began weightlifting at age 13 and powerlifting in 2000. He competes in the open 148 pound weight class.


His personal best bench press is 479 pounds at a 148 pound body weight. He is a two-time Bench America Overall Best Lightweight lifter (a meet aired on FoxSportsNet). He is a seven-time USAPL Open bench National Champion. He is a two-time silver medalist at the IPF Open Bench Worlds and has won a bronze medal once. He has won numerous state championships, too. Joe is the current National, American, and State record holder in the 148 pound weight class.

Joe works at the Anderson’s Grain Elevator in Toledo, Ohio. He and his wife, Katie, have been married for eight years. They have a baby girl, Kale, who was born on April 22, 2010. The Smiths live in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Joe trains four days a week at the Iron Den in Bowling Green, Ohio. Joe says, “I will compete as long as God allows me to. I try not to lose focus on who gave me my abilities because I know that they can be taken from me if I start thinking it is me that got me where I am at.”

Joe is sponsored by

Titan Support Systems


Tthe Iron Den Gym

Huntington Chiropractic



State BP Record Holder in the 132 lbs. Class - 380 Lbs.

National and American BP Record Holder in 148 lbs. Class - 465 Lbs.

State BP Record Holder at 148 lbs. Class - 479 Lbs.

Top three in 148 pound bench press in Powerlifting USA for 5 years

2X Bench America Champion

7X USAPL National Champion

2X Sliver Medalist at IPF Bench Worlds

Bronze Medalist at IPF Bench Worlds


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